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Man Sentenced in Match.com Sexual Assault Case

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clementine2626 at 5:40 PM November 14, 2012

Ms. Markin --- why would u go out with such an UGLY guy? When responding to people who answer your ad - or if you answer their ad --- you need to do some investigating on-line. It's so easy. Get their full name, address, phone number, company they work for, etc. BEFORE going out with them. If they're educated and have a stable job, chances are very low that they're a predator or criminal. BE particular who you meet. Ask lots of questions BEFORE meeting them. What if you met him at a singles dance -- would the company who put on the dance be responsible. BE responsible for yourself.

kemberly at 9:28 AM September 20, 2011

who in the F would go out with him twice,, not even once, he looks creepy

and whats this 1 year in jail crap?

i got 7 yrs for marijuana, why is it the freakin perverts are favored in the court system

something is definately wrong here

samsgirl at 3:03 PM September 19, 2011

Is this article missing something? What was the point of the Match.com lawsuit to screen for registered sex offenders if he isn't already one?  His sentence includes registering as a sex offender, if he already was one and didn't what makes them think telling him to now will make him?

JustHaveAnOpinion at 1:38 PM September 19, 2011

1 Year in Jail huh? and you wonder why there are so many repeat offenders!

SHAWNH at 2:20 PM August 24, 2011

A: This guy's ugly as hell. Hopefully his prison friends will like him better.

B: Did Match.Com really have to resort to a lawsuit settlement in order to start screening for sex offenders?? Seems like that's the kind of thing you'd do just to prove you're not a scum bucket.

ltlecookie at 10:15 AM August 24, 2011


nvrsurprised at 5:47 AM August 24, 2011

She went on a second date with that guy?! I still feel it was her responsibility to do her own checks before going out with him. Her lawsuit just takes responsibility off her actions.

SCSilk at 6:11 PM August 23, 2011

I'm very lucky that my match.com experience didn't end this way.

kemberly at 9:29 AM September 20, 2011

are they paying you to say this?

patricia b at 6:18 AM August 20, 2011

OMG, are you kidding me?? if he sent his photo before they went on the first date, what the hell was she thinking, no one can be that lonely, his face SCREAMS PREDATOR, why anyone goes on these sites to meet anyone i cannot understand, you are taking a HUGH risk with your life, they can sell you all the dreams and promises in the world, the second you open the door and get in his or her car you are taking a hugh chance. there are alot of places to meet singles besides bars, why she went on the first date only she can answer, now she has to face a trial and this monster again, yeah right buddy it was fine with her to have sex, these infomercials are constantly in your face on tv, they show these happy couples hugging and kissing, they do not show you the dark side, stay away from these sites, she is lucky to be alive, i would love to now the stats on how many criminal charges have been filed from sites to meet your possible life partner?? lady, i truly hope you learned a very valueable lesson here, stay around people you know, not men or women that are possibly dangerous.

vortex360 at 1:10 PM August 18, 2011

Incredible that she went on the first date let alone the second date with this creature.

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